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  • Who can invest?
    Any natural or legal person, public or private, national or foreign.
  • What is done with the money?
    The cattle involved in the contract are paid and all the expenses of freight, commissions, health and other resources necessary to start the contract.
  • Why use the Inac Steer Price as Investment currency?
    From the investor, the Inac Foot Price is an index that expresses the average value of all the steers slaughtered the previous week, being an value of great transparency, so they can trust that their investment business is related to this index and to the rate in kilo of fat steer > and delimited by the maximum and minimum rate in dollars, which are established in our contracts. From the producer, the fact of being able to make investments by making capital available in livestock and that the cost of financing is related to the Price of their Production, means that their risks are limited< /strong> and promote the greater production of your establishments. This situation should be highly valued by investors since, to be viable and reliable, any business must be balanced and convenient for the parties involved.
  • What is the investment guarantee?
    The support is made up of cattle, whose value increases by 50% each year on average, so the simple growth of the animals more than covers the amount of interest that corresponds to the investor. Price variations are covered by the Policyholder, ensuring a minimum rate in dollars to the Investor.
  • What security do we have against investment?
    In the rearing and wintering systems, the animals grow, so they are systems where kg of live weight is generated at a high rate, so those kilos more than cover the rate to the investor. The contract establishes the necessary production conditions to meet the contract objective and the animals are monitored to ensure that none are missing, their health and current and future feeding conditions in order to ensure their evolution.
  • What happens in case of theft?
    The animals will be on the property managed by us. The animals have mandatory traceability in Uruguay (SNIG) and a fire brand that ensures their ownership. The production system based on Rational Grazing means that batches of animals are reviewed and recounted daily or even every 3 days. Additionally, when sanitation or heavy tasks are carried out, the individual electronic identification caravans are read.
  • How is the minimum income ensured?
    Since the growth that each animal accumulates per year is much higher than the rate offered, the Policyholder offers the cover of the falling price to the Investor, in exchange for obtaining a cap on the rent for the investor in the event of an increase. This is an innovative system of “reciprocal price coverage” between the parties that offers each party a solution to their perception of market risks.
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